Cloth Moth - Story so far...

Cloth Moth was born in Barcelona in 2001, when the artist was met by his destiny and love-at-first-sight: screen printing!

Screen printing has since become a passion, it's process an obsession! Inks, spatulas, lithographic films, developing and printing -the whole process transformed into a slow, adventurous journey of self-discovery, a kind of meditation about life. As a printing method, screen printing provided the medium by which a childhood passion could be realised: years of experimentation on hand-drawn T-shirts have finally found their true expression. Manually still, but with indelible inks and the ability to detail design. How liberating!
T-shirt design fills a need for freedom of communication. A T-shirt is a statement, a form of expression for those who wear it, as they identify with it.
Cloth Moth T-Shirts are a collection of original designs, as well as designs by other artists, much appreciated and respected for their work. Our main objective and common ground for all designs is creativity and humor.

The Cloth Moth T-Shirts are printed with environmentally friendly water-based inks, without toxic substances, on pre-shrunk, 100% cotton jersey. Printing is indelible.

Peace, Love & Screen print!

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